We want your vision of a design to become reality.

The individual design is a strength of our company. Highly qualified graphic designers interpret the needs of our clients and try to realize your designs in the best possible way.

There are the following options to realize your individual design:

1. We realize your (existing) design

If you have an existing design, we can reproduce it or modify it according to your wishes.
Design your own clothes and choose your personal colors. We then recommend that you scan the custom design and email us the file with all logos. Our graphic designers will turn your ideas into finished graphic designs.

2. Original design – a new design made by us for you
Would you like us to create an original design for you? Let our team of graphic designers design your clothes so that you get your personalized and unique clothes.


Graphic guidelines

In order to make the process of an order as simple as possible, it is important to observe common guidelines.


We need to know exactly which colors should be used. There are two options to do this:

1. Send us the exact PANTONE-NUMBER for every color.

The „Pantone Matching System“ is the most popular color reproduction system and the standard used in the textile industry. The Pantone-colors are described by assigned numbers and the pantone color table can assist you by finding the right color.

2. Send us the CODE of our color scarf.

If desired, we will send you our color scarf with more than 4.000 colors visible on it. Like this, you can see exactly how your color will appear on fabric.

Please note the following points so that we can guarantee the best possible print quality:

• All Logos must be send in vector format (.eps,.cdr,.ai,.fh). We do not accept Bitmap-Logos.
• The best way to send Logos are PDF files with embedded vector logos.
• If you are not able to convert your Logos into vector format check if your images have a Resolution of at least 300 dpi scale of 1:1 (.pdf,.jpg,.tif)
• Logos of websites, images of business cards or captured logos are in low resolution and therefore not suitable for printing. They cannot be processed.

What is a vector graphic?

Your graphics should be created with a vector-based software program such as Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand and then be saved in a supported format (*.ai, *.eps, *.pdf, *.cdr, *.wmf, *.svg, *.fh11).
A vector graphic consists of a series of mathematical curves and is the key to printing because vector images can be scaled to infinity without compromising their quality. Your vector logo will be printed with the highest precision even when resized. Low-resolution graphics would become too blurry when enlarged.